Please visit 'Gallery' for further examples

of individual results that can be achieved.

PLEASE NOTE: photos that are shown as 'immediately after'

are '1st treatment' results.

They show 'definition' and 'colour intensity' that will soften and lighten within 4 weeks.


At LOOKS THAT LAST, I offer an individually tailored service to

meet your specific needs within a treatment.

The final end results can be totally 'natural' right through to a

more defined 'dramatic' look if required.

Above are just a few examples of what can be achieved in the

first session.

Eyebrows really do emphasis the eyes and the face. Correctly

placed and defined brows can easily 'lift' the face, giving a

'Ten Years Younger' effect!

Uneven brows, small irregularities such as gaps or no 'tails' can

all be rectified to allow your eyebrows to become 'groomed'

and more 'enhancing'

Many of my clients had thinning, sparse or non-exsistant eyebrows and using the latest techniques of placing individual hairs, this creates a more defined and 'youthful' look!